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4 Pillars of Prime Time Seafood


In order to keep a consistent flow of inbound product, we are constantly looking for new suppliers across the globe. Each origin and supplier is vetted carefully in order to keep our quality standards up to par. Our supply chain is kept simple - work directly with high quality sources of seafood, and bring the best value to our customers. We strive to maintain and grow our relationships with our sources for the purpose of delivering innovative solutions the market needs. When our supply chain is strong, we can provide an excellent product with confidence to any customer no matter how big or small.

Food Safety

It is our duty as a high quality seafood company to make sure food safety is a top priority. Keeping things fresh and cold is a must in our industry, and we don't mind spending the extra money to keep our products in excellent shape and our reputation solid. All imported fish are handled according to HACCP practices and treated with the utmost respect. We use ozone treated water upon receipt of all imported and domestic product to eliminate any surface bacteria or pathogens that could potentially affect shelf life or quality.



Our ocean is the only one we've got, and it's the responsibility of every human to take care of this precious, life-giving resource. To put it simply, we need to sustain the ocean in order to keep the seafood industry alive. This is why we have been redefining our strategy from an exclusively wild distributor to a mix of both wild and responsibly farmed products. We choose to partner with companies who work in collaborative efforts to sustain the oceans via 3rd party audit or with US partnering government agencies and catch quotas.

Exceptional Seafood Experience

For us, we want to give the best seafood experience that keeps people coming back for more. It is this passion that drives us to seek out the best in seafood from across the oceans to our customers. We only sell what we want to eat - seafood that brings the "WOW" factor every time. Everything from freshness, region, color, appearance, smell, taste, fat content, and feed impact our decision process in bringing in the best of the best. We are no stranger to quality and want to share the experience with anyone willing to give our seafood a try.

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