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fresh fish

since 1989


Providing an Exceptional Seafood Experience


Founded in 1989, Prime Time Seafood Inc. has been the leader in top-quality sustainable seafood procurement and distribution. Prime Time continues to be on the forefront of current fishing and fishery management practices, with our main focus on the distribution of responsibly-raised species out of Baja California, Mexico.


Prime Time Seafood is an established fresh importing leader in the marketplace, setting industry standards of quality products and customer service. From procurement to table, we are here to provide the highest quality seafood experience. We keep the formula simple---local, fresh, top-quality seafood handled by people that care.

We are in a dynamic and constantly changing industry and must stand out in order to make an impact. In that spirit, Prime Time sources unique products and are active in projects that propel the industry forward.  Pioneering is in our blood, and it's our passion to be in an industry that evolves with the ever-changing environmental conditions and demands of the marketplace.


Developing and Supporting Responsible Seafood

Prime Time Seafood has been on the forefront of developing the aquaculture market and industry for nearly 3 decades, now specializing on locally fished species out of Baja, California. Blending our knowledge with state of the art aquaculture techniques, we work to procure the highest quality seafood while respecting inherent environmental limitations.


We are a company comprised of marine biologists, culinary savants and marine culture enthusiasts, all of which wish to see the oceans prosper. The ocean is our livelihood, and it is our mission to produce and protect the very biome that sustains us. As an importer and distributor, it is the responsibility of Prime Time to bring forth responsible products to the market. 


Maintaining Relations

and Producing Value

For nearly three decades, Prime Time has been providing purveyors with excellent products and customer service. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable seafood experience, unmatched in both quality and value. Prime Time will go to all lengths to ensure and maintain products and services of the highest caliber.​

  • HACCP approved facility

  • Located next to LAX for easy logistics

  • Ozonated water system for sanitation

  • A proud purveyor of certified sustainable products (Ex. ASC, MSC, MBA, and BAP) 

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